Medical City Arlington Childbirth Classes

Please bring a photo ID (to be shown at security check-in) and dress comfortably. The fees for the classes cover the cost of two people. Only the main attendee is required to register for the class. Please be advised that refunds are provided if you deliver before the class start date or you are placed on bed-rest. No refunds are provided for cancellations for any other reason.

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Prepared Childbirth - $40

For first time parents, or those wanting a refresher on childbirth, this class is for you! In this one-day class, participants will learn about signs of labor, labor progression, pain management, relaxation techniques, labor interventions, cesarean delivery and the recovery period. We will also discuss what to expect at Medical City Arlington Women’s Hospital during your labor and delivery, such as procedures and policies specific to our facility. Dress comfortably and bring two pillows and a blanket. The childbirth class includes a tour of our Women’s Hospital.

Infant Care - $20

This 2-hour class covers the basics of caring for your baby. Class will include baby care basics such as changing diapers, dressing, swaddling, bathing and holding your baby. We will also talk about a newborn’s appearance and behaviors, care and procedures provided at the hospital, what to expect when you go home from the hospital and the most updated health and safety information. We provide lots of resources for more learning once you go home. This class is recommended for all new parents!

Breastfeeding - $20

This 2-hour class will provide information to help new parents have a positive breastfeeding experience. Participants will learn about the benefits of mother’s milk, identifying feeding cues, correct position and latch techniques and signs your baby is feeding well. We will also discuss challenges you may face with breastfeeding and how to deal with them. This class briefly covers different types of breast pumps and how to pump and store your milk when it’s time to return to work. We provide resources for further learning and have enough time for questions and answers, to make sure all topics are addressed. Partner or a support person is definitely encouraged to attend!

Sibling Class - $10 per child

This 90-minute class helps prepare youngsters for a new brother or sister with discussions and activities. A tour helps siblings become familiar with the hospital setting and feel a part of the birth experience. This class is designed for ages 3 and up, although those 10 and up may benefit more from the Infant Care Class.

Women's Hospital Tour - Free

This is a 45-minute guided tour of our Medical City Arlington’s Women’s Hospital. Tours will meet on the first floor of the Women’s Hospital, in the waiting room area. Tours are complimentary, however to protect our patients’ privacy, tours are permitted only when accompanied by a Medical City Arlington Women’s Hospital employee. You will learn about maternity services offered, labor and delivery suites, postpartum rooms, nursery, as well as hospital amenities. Space is limited, and may fill up quickly, so don’t wait to reserve your time! If you plan on bringing more than 1 guest with you, please register them separately.

Tours are included in the Prepared Childbirth class, so you do not need to sign up for an additional tour. Register here if you only want a tour of our facility, and do not plan on taking a Prepared Childbirth class.