You can obtain a copy of your medical records from Medical City Arlington. The majority of our requests are processed through CIOX, our Release of Information vendor.

For more information, view the Instructions to Completing the Authorization for Protected Health Information.

Health Information Management Department

Hours of Operation

Mon – Fri: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Contact Numbers

Glenda Willey, Director of Health Information Management

Continuity of Care Release of Information Fax Requests

Fax Number: (469) 484-2006
*Only requests for on-going patient care (physician’s office, clinic, hospital etc) should be sent to this fax number

Birth Certificates

Soon after your baby is born a member of our Birth Registration team will be in contact with you. It is our goal to have your baby’s birth certificate filed with the Vital Statistics Office in Austin, Texas prior to your discharge.

Order a Copy of a Certified Birth Certificate