Medical City Arlington April 20, 2016

A new program at Medical City Arlington (MCA) empowers orthopedic patients to improve the recovery process by actively participating in their own care.

The program, VOX OrthoCare delivered by VOX Telehealth, coordinates the physician’s care instructions with an easy-to-navigate, web-based program that guides and tracks patients from diagnosis to recovery. Patients undergoing major hip or knee replacement will receive online information and videos in advance of surgery to prepare for and better understand their procedure. Following surgery, patients and their families receive action steps to aid in recovery, alerts to ensure compliance, and progress reports and messaging to stay connected with the physician and care team.

“At Medical City Arlington, patients can receive the most progressive treatment and recovery programs in adult joint reconstruction,” said Shane Seroyer, MD, Medical Director of joint reconstruction at the medical center. “The OrthoCare program builds on our established best practices and strengthens communication to ensure our patients truly have the highest quality care prior to, during and after the procedure.”

Through VOX OrthoCare, orthopedic patients scheduled for joint replacement surgery at Medical City Arlington receive access to a web-based portal 30 days prior to their procedure. In the portal, patients and coaches they select receive checklists with tasks and action steps to be completed before and after surgery. An online alert system sends email reminders to patients and coaches if a task has not been completed. The care team is alerted when patient compliance and readiness for surgery is in question or post-surgery complications are a concern. Patients can also ask questions and confidentially receive answers from their physician and care team.

“MCA is among the most trusted and experienced orthopedic facilities and continues innovating to improve their patients’ care and experience,” said David Brown, Founder & CEO of VOX Telehealth. “This partnership demonstrates the hospital’s commitment to quality care, and we are proud to partner with them in this important mission.”

Medical City Arlington’s Joint Replacement Center is home to expert orthopedic surgeons specializing in major joint replacement, as well as specialized nurses ensuring quality care, and a skilled physical therapy team leading patients to full recovery.